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These SPOTIFY playlists are a few of my favourite collection of songs and compositions assembled over many years. I first made 'mixtapes' for the parties I would attend as a teenagers in the suburbs of Bexley, and this passion for discovering and sharing music grew quickly into a long career as a DJ.

Every year I make a mixtape of my favourite songs of the year for just one friend (Philip Sloan of Bexley Village). I've included them here largely for my own amusement but also as these playlists contain amazing songs. For the pedants among us, a song qualifies for being on my 'Best of...' Compilation if it was new to me that year, not that it was released that year. I also made a rule that if a song was more than a decade old it couldn't qualify for that year's list. 

I've also included 'beginner's guides' to some of my favourite groups based on mixtapes I made for friends, some stretching as far back as 1979! If you know of someone who just has to get into, say, Gary Numan, you could do worse than share Gary's playlist below.

This is my current, unedited Best Songs of 2018. This will be refined down to around twenty by the end of the year!

Best Songs of 2017            88 Songs, 352 minutes
Best Songs of 2016            79 Songs, 324 minutes
Best Songs of 2015            27 Songs, 119 minutes
Best Songs of 2014            14 Songs, 70 minutes
Best Songs of 2013            11 Songs, 53 minutes
Best Songs of 2012            12 Songs, 51 minutes
Best Songs of 2011            11 Songs, 43 minutes
Best Songs of 2010            7 songs, 28 minutes
Best Songs of 2009            11 Songs, 43 minutes

Cocteau Twins, a beginner's guide
Durutti Column, a beginner's guide
Gary Numan, a beginner's guide

A taste of classical music