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Steve formed Dubstar in 1992 in Newcastle upon Tyne with Chris Wilkie. Sarah Blackwood took over vocal roles from Steve in 1993 after her boyfriend accidentally left a tape of her singing his songs in Steve's flat in Jesmond. In their six year career they appeared on BBC's Top of the Pops three times, toured the world, released three albums and achieved eight uk Top 40 single releases, seven of which were written by Steve. They also survived the 90s with their livers (almost) intact. 

Steve left Dubstar before the release of their third album 'Make It Better' in 2000 and the band effectively split. Dubstar has occasionally resurfaced online and onstage in recent years. Steve has been involved in attempts to reform Dubstar, writing and producing two unreleased albums between 2006-12.

Steve Hillier left Dubstar for the second and final time in 2013. No official reason has ever been given, though he has stated in interviews simply 'the moment for more Dubstar passed a long time ago'.

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